April Book: Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood

Lady Oracle

Lady Oracle

Next Meeting is Saturday, April 25th, 11 am.

Don’t forget to bring an original creation of some sort inspired by the book!



Profile: Michel Houellebecq – Drunken racist or one of the great writers? The jury is out

Prophet; pornographer; fascist; racist; trouble-maker; drunk; nihilist; moralist; self-publicist; misogynist; martyr to freedom of speech; one of the greatest living writers. Which is the real Michel Houellebecq?

The Independent, September 21, 2002

Houellebecq seems to have led a life as troubled and depressing as his protagonist in Platform.

Platform by Michel Houllebecq

March Book

March Book

Today, we met to discuss Platform, drink mimosas and eat coconut lime cupcakes.